Tuv Ha’aretz Portland Terms of Participation

Please review the following Terms of Participation and electronically sign below. These policies are put in place to make operating the program as easy, safe, and fun as possible. Members will be held responsible for understanding these policies.

Our Philosophy

Tuv Ha’aretz Portland is a way to reconnect with local food systems and develop a more intimate relationship between customers and farmers. It is a way to get back to basics and know the face of the people who grow your food. It is also a way to support local, small organic farmers and food businesses by providing them with a guaranteed income for their products, and allowing them to focus on producing great food and connecting with those they feed.

Our Buying Practices

Our produce and products are supplied by businesses that are independently owned and operated within an hour’s drive of Portland (with two exceptions, our wine and our candles are produced within three hours). For our produce, all of our suppliers use organic methods, although as small farms not all are certified organic, as the costs of certification are prohibitive for very small or new farms. For our value-added products, the majority are organic and sustainably sourced, and if not that is probably because they are certified kosher no local organic kosher products were available.

Picking Up Shares

Pickup is every Wednesday afternoon at the location you designated. On the week of Yom Kippur, we will either do a pickup on Tuesday or potentially a double share the week before (TBD).

By joining Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland, you agree that you are responsible for picking up your share every week at your designated pickup spot and time you choose upon signup.

The process for picking up your boxes is:

  1. Find two friends or family members to call in for “backup” in case you cannot make it on delivery day. You will designate these people when you sign up.
  2. On pickup day, bring some reusable bags and go to the pickup location during the designated time.
  3. There may be specific instructions for your pickup location-a padlock code, a host to meet.  You will be notified well ahead of time what the process is based upon your location.
  4. Find your full share or half share bin and fill up your bags with your goodies.  If you ordered add-ons or specials, they will be kept in a separate pile, so make to get those as well. Please don’t take the bin! Use reusable bags instead.
  5. Sign the clipboard with your name to indicate you picked up the goods.

If you’re out of town:

We understand there will be days when you’re out of town. In case you are not able to pick up your share, we have two options:

  1. You may invite a friend or neighbor to pick up your share for you (and introduce them to Tuv Ha’aretz Portland)
  2. You can notify us at least one week in advance and we will donate it to a food insecure family in Portland.

Both of these avenues help to create more access and awareness of the local options available for our regional food system.

If you’re late:

Please don’t be!  Our pickup institutions are volunteering their time, and we need to respect them. Our pickup institutions have no responsibility to stay past the final time. The locations will not be staffed and may be fully broken down if you arrive late. So please don’t.

If you are late, you forfeit the claim to your share. Therefore, not being able to arrive on time means running a very high risk of forfeiting your share for that week. You don’t want that, our pickup institutions don’t want that, and we don’t want that, so please make picking up your box on time a priority.

You may receive a call 15 minutes before the final pickup time trying to find out where you are — please let us know. If you are having trouble making the pickup time or arranging an alternate person to pickup, please contact us.  We’ll figure out something.

If you want to change your pickup location:

If you would like to change your pickup location, email or call us at least the Friday before the pickup day.  We’ll change the location on your account for the next week.


Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland uses online webstore and accounting applications to maintain our financials behind the scenes for  payment by credit card or PayPal. We also accept payments by check, mailed to our PO Box. If you sign up for the monthly payment plan then you agree to our billing your credit card at the time of deposit for the agreed amount and subsequent monthly billings at the agreed upon schedule. Your personal and financial information is not stored on our website; it is stored securely with our accounting service provider application.

Processing Fee for Online Payments

When you pay online, Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland incurs costs associated with the total amount of the purchase as well as the number of transactions. These costs add up significantly as the largest single expense we will have (outside of the food itself), and we are including a small filing fee of 1.45% of total sales (for example, a full weekly share results in a $10.50 filing fee). This covers half of Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland’s cost of the transaction (we pay for the other half) and helps us make this business successful. We thank you very much for agreeing to accept this small fee to help our small business grow.  

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Because of the model we are adopting (see “Our Philosophy“ above) participating farmers are depending on this program as a vital part of their yearly income. Therefore we cannot refund the share or any add-ons once our members have signed up and agreed to participate.

If you need to cancel, we will work with you to pursue several options available:

  1. If we have a waitlist for shares, we will arrange with the people on the waitlist to take over your share. Only in this case will you possibly be able to be refunded for the remainder of the season.
  2. You may arrange for someone to buy out your share and notify us of the switch.
  3. You can donate your share to a food shelter or family in need. We’ll take care of the actual delivery. It will be possible to claim the value as a tax deduction.

Acknowledgement of Risks and Hazards: Liability Release

  1. Food Safety and Allergies-As the member, you are purchasing products that you are choosing to ingest. While we believe our product is often much safer for you than most of the stuff sold in stores, it is a shared responsibility to ensure that the produce is safe and fit for your consumption. Our farmers will verify the quality of their produce when they pick it and pack it, Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland will verify the quality of produce upon delivery- that’s our job, that’s our promise. But beyond our ensuring basic food safety, however,Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland cannot be responsible for any adverse reaction to our food due to allergies, medical conditions, or other personal circumstances of which we are not aware.
  2. Pickup location-Up to every week, you will be picking up your share at one of our participating pickup locations, who are donating the space for use during pickup time. Please be responsible for your actions in driving safely, being careful on their premises, and not carrying more than you can safely carry at once.You are responsible for your safety and that of those with you, especially children.
  3. Events-There will be times that you will have the opportunity to go to one of our farms or businesses to meet your fellow members and farmers, have food, and generally have a good time. There are numerous hazards and risks inherent in being present on a farm and participating in farm-related activities whether work or recreational in nature. While present on any of our suppliers properties, you are responsible for your safety and that of any children, guests or pets. Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland will make all efforts to ensure your safety and make you aware of the potential risks.

Okay here are our mean sentences. Sorry in advance:

By joining Tuv Ha’aretz Portland, you agree to release, forever discharge, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the following organizations and persons, the owners, agents and employees from all liability for any and all losses, damages, costs and attorneys’ fees resulting from any and all claims or suits for illness, personal injuries, death and/or property damage of any kind:

Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland LLC, Dancing Roots Farm, Gales Creek Farm, Vibrant Valley Farm, Leikam Brewing, Challahman, Congregation Shaarie Torah, Congregation Neveh ShalomCongregation Shir Tikvah, Moishe House Portland, The Mittleman Jewish Community Center, Urban Gleaners, Owners and Occupants of: 905 N Sumner Rd Portland, OR


Our Privacy Policy

We use your personal information only for the purposes of communicating new information about the program. You can rest assured your information will not be given away to any solicitors or spammers without your permission.