Step One:


1. Look through our products page to figure out which you want. 

2. Decide if you want the products weekly, biweekly, or monthly (as available). Weekly: 22 boxes, Biweekly: 11 boxes every other week, and Monthly: 5 boxes, one each month


Step Two:


1.Head to our shop to select your desired products or package deal

2. All online payments are 20% due on payment, plus 16% of the total charged on the 15th of each month for 5 months.

3. Once you click on a product, select the frequency of delivery.


Step Three:


1. Once you are done ordering, go to your cart and complete checkout.

2. Enter your card information, pay by Paypal or check

3. When you are checking out be sure to:

    • Select a pickup location
    • Designate your preferred pickup schedule for biweekly and monthly products. Go to our pickup locations page to review your desired location.
    • Let us know if you want to host a shabbat, do work trade, or share your skills with the community at an event
  1. You will receive an email confirmation for payment.

Step Four:


  1. Within a week, we will email you welcoming you to Tuv Ha’aretz Portland!
  2. Before June, you will be notified about pickup location details and your pickup schedule.


Questions about details or something else? See our FAQ for more details on how Tuv Ha’aretz Portland works and answers to your questions. If you can’t find the answer there, just send us an email or give us a call! 

A Jewish CSA: So Much More Than Bagels

Hearing the phrase “Jewish food” often brings up images of pastrami sandwiches from a New York kosher deli, a bottle of Manischewitz, or maybe a falafel pita covered in za’atar. We love most of those things too, but Jewish food can be so much more!   

As we see it, Jewish food is a blend of spiritual, cultural, and agricultural traditions dating back thousands of years. Jewish food celebrates the seasons, links generations, honors the earth, and makes a mouth-watering hummous at the same time. Our Jewish Food page describes this relationship in more depth.

At Tuv Ha’aretz, we are blending the many ways Judaism and food are connected; through the products we offer, the events we create, and the values we hold dear, we are Jewish through and through.