What is Tuv Ha’Aretz all about?

We’re not just a different way to buy fresh local produce (although it is that too!). By joining Tuv Ha’aretz Portland, you are using your food dollars to make an investment:

Investing in small local farms and food businesses

Investing in sustainable agriculture

Investing in your health

Investing in your community

Why join us?

Becoming a member in Tuv Ha’aretz Portland is a way to show that the food you buy is more than just about eating. Where (and who) it comes from, how it’s grown and distributed, how you cook it, and who you share it with are all important to our health, our happiness, and the health of our communities.

We’ve adapted the traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, a proven model for supporting small farms and food businesses. By joining a Tuv Ha’aretz Portland you are helping small businesses compete with the big guys. You are supporting farmers who are trying to raise produce and food organically, sustainably, and make a living doing it. Every dollar you spend wit us goes to support a local business (including Tuv Ha’aretz Portland), plus you get fresh amazing food harvested within one day!  What’s not to love?

Jewish Food: So Much More Than Bagels

Hearing the phrase “Jewish food” often brings up images of pastrami sandwiches from a New York kosher deli, a bottle of Manischewitz, or maybe a falafel pita covered in za’atar. We love most of those things too, but Jewish food can be so much more!   

As we see it, Jewish food is a blend of spiritual, cultural, and agricultural traditions dating back thousands of years. Jewish food celebrates the seasons, links generations, honors the earth, and makes a mouth-watering hummous at the same time. Our Jewish Food page describes this relationship in more depth.

At Tuv Ha’aretz Portland, we are blending the many ways Judaism and food are connected; through the products we offer, the events we create, and the values we hold dear, we are Jewish through and through.