A Jewish Movement

THE JEWISH FARM BOX IS A CONCEPT initiated by a nonprofit called Hazon back in the mid 2000’s as they helped to define a new Jewish food movement, one that has grown into a network of farms, training programs, summer camps, and other efforts across the country. Tuv Ha’Aretz (meaning “goodness of the earth”) was chosen as the name, and several independent Tuv Ha’Aretz chapters exist across the country.

A “Jewish Farm Box” — bringing together local farms and Jewish values, is part of the new Jewish food movement. We strive to align the modern with ancient; joining sustainable and local agriculture to the rich agricultural and spiritual traditions of Judaism. From your grandma’s kugel or hummous to the powerful teachings of the Torah and Rabbis on food justice, Judaism and sustainable food have a strong history, one worth exploring, celebrating, and building upon.

The first effort of this scale in the Northwest, Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland was created a few years ago by people across many Portland Jewish institutions, and was revitalized in 2015 by a Portland native and graduate of the Urban Adamah program in Berkeley, California. In 2016, Tuv Ha’Aretz Portland was switched to a multi­-farm model (we’re not a CSA but a “farm box”) and became an independent LLC, but it still retains the heart of Community Supported Agriculture everywhere ­­ helping people invest in their values of good food and local businesses while bringing them to a deeper relationship with their food and the folks that grow it.